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for every price point

We know from personal experience it can be difficult to find affordable studio space within the city of Chicago. We have a wide range of options to suit your budget at a space easily accessed by transit and close to a wide variety of restaurants, coffee shops, and more.

private studios

Traditional studio style, 4 walls that are all your own behind a locked door with keypad code. Amenities within each space varies  some of which are personal sinks, storage rooms, existing cabinetry for storage, and access to power.

main hall studios

Individual studio spaces within a 3,000 square foot open room. Each main hall space is divided with part height partitions made of locally sourced upcycled materials and taped off to delineate your personal square footage.

shared features


24/7 access


utility sink access

electric kiln

printer & scanner

spaces & sizing

want to know whats available right now? 

visit our instagram or send us an email through our contact page

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